Matt Luthaus

Hey guys. Cheers for the info and great gear for my D22

EFS torsion rods and shocks. So nice to have some front spings. First time in over a year.

have already told a couple people to come see you for all their needs. Will catch ya in a few weeks to get the rear end sorted out.

Rob Kearvell

New exhaust and added snorkel has dramatically improved low down torque and power, very happy. New springs and shocks have given better stability and cornering even with raising the vehicle 40mm great improvement in ride & handling. My Prado is only 3yrs old and these changes have significantly improved its all round performance even when compared to as new. Customer service is excellent, in language I understand, and straight to the point.

Peter Parrish

After years of knowing my 100 Series Toyota had a problem and that it was not being addressed by the number of Toyota dealerships, I entered your shop. Right from the start your staff listened to what I had to say, talked to the people I know and showed interest in getting my Landcruiser working the way they believed it should. To me ‘good old fashion service’. It was explained what you would do, a budget price was given and contact was made with me to ensure I was okay with the timing of my service.

The car was serviced and upon pick up there was again time taken to explain what was done. The bill was itemised and also explained along with some tips on future driving habits and services.

As for the car, it runs great, uses far less fuel and several clunks that were present have gone.

Thanks for an enjoyable all round service. I will definitely be back and strongly recommend you to anyone who is discontented with their current service department.

John Gilmore

I give a big “Thanks” to Allan for sourcing the VRS kit for me. REPCO & Sprints could not find it in their stocks and neither even got back to me, and Allan, you did it within half an hour. I’m still impressed, you have not lost your touch.

Cameron McKenzie

Purchased a CF50 waeco fridge with transit bag and have been happy with it .I use the fridge most weekends with the motorbikes or four wheel driving.

I had spent alot of time researching into new suspension and all the differant types on the market. alot of usefull info was told to me from the team at TUFF STUFF in making my decision. All discussed from new steering dampners to 2 and 4 inch lifts. In the end we went for a 2 inch lift, new steering dampner and heavier coils in the back to help with towing and constant weight when on trips.

I have done the Border Track south of Pinaroo since the lift kit and the fridge and was amazed at how the new suspension performed both on the rough stuff and the road handling has totally changed for the better.